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Rabindra Art: Tribal Painting

The soura tribe is one of the most primitive and major tribes of orissa. They have a radial affinity with the proto Austrialoids division of the Austric language family.They have also developed a script which is known as soura sompen - Guru Mangei Gomango.

According to the census (1981) the souras population was around three lakhs seventy thousand at that time .The soura region begins from south Orissa in the districts of Ganjam ,Koraput and Rayagada. Another location is Chandigarh area,as are approches,from Berhempur on the Berhempur R-Udayagiri road leading to Paralakhemundi.The road then streches out to Gunupur which has the most density of soura villages.

The largest concentration of the tribes is in the district of Rayagada and it’s nearest villages like Putasing , Patilli, Ragintal, Talana, Digarjang, Talasing,Gundurba, Apaising and some tiny villages situated on the hill top of Manigulu.Besides in the district of Gajapati thereare some villages likeChandragiri, Jagannathpur, Sagada, Kankorda, Baunsuni, Chakadhar etc.

They are primarily agriculaturist-About 50% are agricultural labourers and 41% are cultivatiors.They cultivate the dry lands in the foothills and grow vegetables in small areas of their homestead land.According to the social existence,they are divided in to various flocks viz : Savara, Lanjia soura, jadu, Mane, Raik,Sarad,Kindal,Arasi, Juari, Kancher, Kurumba, Sadha,Jara and Kampo. The duty of all the fluks is to provide for their own food and clothes.They are in title of Gamango, Dalabehera, Karji and Savar.
Tribal Image1 Tribal Image2
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